I love the way you zoom in to a subject and concentrate on it alone. It tells a story – or in some cases leaves questions unanswered! I’ll be out tomorrow looking at things differently from now on. SB January 2019

This year I will be exploring more deeply into “mindful photography” and I’ll be helping others find the calmness and pleasure in this approach to photography through my PhotoWalks. It’s a new name for something I’ve been doing for years.

So, what is Mindful photography?

It means connecting with nature

It means having no preconception of the photograph you want to take.

It means finding photographs as you walk and explore.

It means allowing your mind to focus on the information coming in to you from the world around you.

It means using your senses to inform your composition and guide your photographer’s eye.

It takes the emphasis off the final photograph and places it on the process leading to the photograph.

Northumberland is the perfect place to learn more about this technique and how to put it into practice.  The serenity, calmness and beautiful light lends itself to mindfulness and the ever-changing ocean is an endlessly intriguing photographic subject.

If this speaks to you then please get in touch and ask me about Mindful Photography.