Northumberland Photo Training

Thank you so much for an excellent morning of photography. I spent the rest of the week away motivating, observing and composing- really inspirational. (Barbara)

Be inspired to re-connect with nature on a PhotoWalk with award-winning landscape photographer Andy Craig

Creative Photography is my living, my hobby and my passion and I love to teach photography and to inspire others to enjoy their photography too.

I try to tailor every session to the people I’m talking to so sometimes the content can be quite technical and sometimes we leave the technical stuff at home and talk more about composition and the art of photography.   I always talk about finding that elusive WOW factor in your photographs – because surely we all want that reaction when we share our photos!

I don’t often use classrooms – I would rather be outdoors and I will guide you along paths that lead to my favourite locations and as we walk I will share my enthusiasm for photography and for Northumberland’s nature and history. I want you to be as inspired as I am by this beautiful region.  For me, walking with my camera allows me to connect with the nature that surrounds us in such glorious abundance in Northumberland.

I run the following courses:

Personal PhotoTrails are 2 or 4 hours duration and are run as and when they are requested.  The 1:1 training guarantees tailored tuition (you can bring a friend for free).  Learn more here.

Bespoke Photography training can be anywhere, anytime and anything you would like them to be.  This personal service is individually priced.

There is more info on my courses page but please use my contact page to get in touch if you’d like to ask me a question or book yourself a course.

If you have a Gift Voucher then please get in touch.

About Andy Craig

I have been a full time professional photographer and blogger since 2005 and I earn my living from wedding photography, portraits, award-winning landscape photography and commercial & music photography & video.  You can visit my business website here:  Andy Craig Photography.
My blog Northumberland360 is a passion project which has been running since I moved to Northumberland in 2008.  It is described as “The Photographic Diary of a Dog-Walker on The Northumberland Coast” and my aim is to document the landscape as it changes every day.  Various themes recur such as patterns, beach life and the eternal cycles of the sun, nature and tides.  I strongly believes in photography as an art form and as a medium for communicating and sharing the details and moments that I observe to the more casual passer by.
I love to use simplicity in my compositions as I regard this as key to getting the message across to the audience. My photography owes more to the influence of great street photographers such as Cartier Bresson and Elliot Erwitt than to the great classical landscape photographers but as Northumberland is a rural corner of England and there are few streets, the beach is his street and nature his subject.

Photography & Music

I am also a musician and singer/songwriter playing regularly around Northumberland.  My shows combine my music and landscape photography in a series of themed slide shows and songs.

“Andy really encapsulated the beauty and mystery of this wonderful area with his photography and music. It was a magical evening”

“Photos and music in perfect harmony. Like a relaxing spa treatment for the eyes and ears”

What an excellent presentation by an extremely competent professional.  Andy’s music was a delight accompanying his magnificent photographs. (Carol & David October 2018)

Northumberland Photo Training