COVID 19:  Updated January 2021: According to the latest national restrictions put in place including Northumberland, it is permissible to meet one member of another household outdoors for purposes of  “education and training”.  My PhotoWalks and PhotoTrails therefore can continue on demand but only for local people and just for one other person just now.   To be honest it’s probably better to wait till after lockdown ends and my Gift Vouchers are currently available with no expiry date giving full flexibility to fit in your lesson however things pan out.  Alternatively I’m now offering online training sessions over Zoom.  What better way to get over those lockdown blues than to spend your daily exercise with a camera?

Read my Covid 19 statement here  CLICK HERE.

Any questions please get in touch and ask…  Thanks. Andy


Photography lets us re-connect with nature from awe-inspiring wide skies to intricate details.  There is a deeply rooted pleasure be found from photographing the many facets of the natural world that surround us all – if you take the time to see… (Andy Craig)